Most of the ingredients in our meals are made with products from our farm. We respect the environnement and don't use chemical products or antibiotics.

The animals are heirloom breeds, bred here and brought up and fed with the highest possible ingredients.
they are, of course, free range, for a minimum of six months.

Single menu: Entrée, plat, cheese and dessert.
Price: from 45 euros per person, without beverages, supplements suggestions depending on ingredients.
I don't make up menus in advance, the animals are butchered when they are ready, Yannick harvests his vegetables at most two days in advance according to what he is growing in his garden. The only goal: quality and your health.
Only by reservation,
24 people maximum.

Opening and reception :
On reservation in advance

From 1 to 24 people



between12:30 et 13:00
between12:30 et 13:00

From 10 to 24 people you can also reserve on

Tuesday and Friday

(according with the farm work)

lunch or dîner
coming between12:30 et 13:00
or between 19:30 et 20:00

50€/person without drinks.

at september the 1st 2015
Only one menu:
we breed poultry but also porks and lambs

A wine list carefully selectected by us, with a leaning towards organic producers (Henri Roch, Domaine Chandon de Briailles, Marcel Lapierre, Didier Dagueneau, Jo Pithon, Michel Couvreur, Domaine du Pech, Julien Guillot, Dominique Derain, La Conti, Domaine Arlaud, Domaine Dujac, Didier Montchovet Marc Rougeot, Christian Perrin, Vincent Balivet, René Mosse... may changes from times to times).

Thank you for not bringing your wine.

The bread is made at La Ruchotte out of organically certified flour.

Our suppliers:
La Fromagerie de Saunière (cheese)
Yanick Loubet (vegetables)
La Ferme Ronot (flour)
JBM ZARAT (oils)